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Better Eyesight Artists, teachers, army officers, housewives, elderly people, parents, and children with vision problems write about their experiences with the Bates Method and giving up their glasses in Better Eyesight Major eye conditions myopia, astigmaticsm, farsightedness, presbyopia, amblyopia, strabismus, cataract, gluacome, blindness are discussed by Bates, other opthalmologists, the medical community, and readers The significance of this literature is both historical and immediate For the first time, the connection between eyestrain to shoulder and neck pain, headaches, and other muscular tension is discussed. Free Download [ Better Eyesight ] author [ Thomas R. Quackenbush ] –

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  1. Basically a compilation of dusty old magazines from 1919 1930, mostly filled with weird anecdotes about improving vision Pretty useless Quackenbush s book, Relearning to See is better.