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Engendering Rationalities Engendering Rationalities brings together theorists whose work has been foundational to the development of feminist investigations of reason, objectivity, and knowledge with the work of scholars who build up and extend their insights Contributors not only question standard conceptions of truth, objectivity, and our realist conceptions of the relationships between human knowledge and the world, but also offer rich and exciting alternatives to traditional theories that both arise out of and are compatible with feminist concerns The book provides adequate models of rationality that include the epistemic significance of a variety of subjective factors such as our specific cultural and social locations including sex, race, ethnicity, class, etc., and our personal commitments, desires, and interests. New Download Engendering Rationalities [ by ] Nancy Tuana [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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  1. I am on my second copy of this book It is my bible If you want me to love you forever, just read a chapter of this book and stay up all night with me discussing it My two favorites are Resisting Rationality and Participatory Knowledge and the World in Virginia Woolf.