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I, Robot (Overclocked #4) Takes a look at a future when robots assist humans in their daily lives How does this technology impact a person s feeling of self worth What if different countries have different ethics for what robots may or may not do Read I, Robot (Overclocked #4) author Cory Doctorow – groundhogwalking.co.uk

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  1. I want to like Cory Doctorow Really, I do But at the end of everything I read by him I feel kind of let down I can t pinpoint why, and so I keep reading his books and stories hoping that something will change sigh

  2. A weird mash up of 1984 and Asimov.Copyright and intellectual property is 100% bad and leads to oppressive police states The three laws of robotics are just handicaps, and without them, hyper intelligent super f...

  3. I was somewhat dissappointed with this short story which I found reconstituted cliches from ficticious future worlds Maybe it s the genre that disappoints me, or maybe I expectedfrom Doctorow than Gibson lite I appreciated h...

  4. Simplistic plot Nevertheless I enjoyed reading the book It is well written and I found myself drawn to the main characters, particularly Ada and Natalie Even the positronic androids are likable.

  5. Highly entertaining, Oh the future so close yet so far..and like i said why aren t we investing in robots instead of phones

  6. What is consciousness What does it mean to be human What does it mean for something, or someone, to be alive These were the questions I asked my self after reading this book.

  7. As always top classJust wish it were longer Like always a complete absorption into the writers world with a world and characters you don t want to leave Marvelous

  8. Asimov meets 1984.

  9. Fun, well written prose and well worth a read, but pretty predictable overall, especially if you have read much Cory Doctorow.

  10. So so, la la Nicht Fisch, nicht Fleisch Interessantes Setting, aber eigentlich nicht neu Interessante Zukunftsvisionen, aber eigentlich zu kurz gegriffen Interessante Sprache, aber nicht umwerfend Gute Figuren, aber eigentlich zu flach.Nat rlich kann man argumentieren, dass es eine Kurzgeschichte ist Aber daf r ist sie wiederum nicht knackig genug Viele der Ideen kennt man aus an...