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Bijoux Meredith Rich strikes again, mining another glamour field jewelry design in this fantasy blockbuster Biting and fast paced, it s about a street smart ambitious woman and her treacherous road to independence and wealth The story is a gloriously unabashed celebration of Dickensian plot twists, its heroine a poverty stricken, abandoned child who eventually rises to the top of a multimillion dollar empire Along the way she changes her name and engages in the usual pantheon of betrayals, vendettas and sexual encounters She s a cool embodiment of the power hungry woman the ruthless female executive we just love to hate. Best Download Books Bijoux by Meredith Rich –

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  1. I ve read this ages ago and I still remember what happened when This is really a page turner, every turn has glamour and power This novel proves that women can be powerful when they want to be and nothing c...

  2. First time reading Meredith Rich I really enjoyed her writing style Very easy to read.I did finish the book Stated yesterday and just finished today Really wanted to see how it ended before stopping.

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