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Penguins ABC Learning the A B C s Learning the 1 2 3 s just got exciting Bright, bold, images by award winning photographer and author Kevin Schafer will captivate little ones as they romp along with adorable, playful penguins In Penguins ABC 123 these comical creatures dive, jump, waddle, and explode across the pages Children will learn the alphabet and a little about penguins, too A special section at the end features fascinating Penguin Fun Facts with additional information about the different penguin species and their various habitats. Download Penguins ABC By Kevin Schafer –

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  1. An alphabet of penguin types and actions.I have a bit of a penchant for penguins So I was predisposed to find this an adorable alphabet book I loved the photographs, and I thought all the words chosen for the alphabet letters were excellent I also liked the extra info in the back of ...

  2. This is a great kindergarten book especially since the students are getting familiar with the alphabet The pictures are real and very detailed and bright Appealing to the eye At the end of the book, the author added some facts or an explanation about the penguin...

  3. This book was wonderful for my children because it helped reinforce the alphabet, had beautiful pictures of different kinds of penguins, and gave informative information about each penguin, and we had some great little kid discussions.

  4. Alphabet book with neat penguin photographs.

  5. Copy obtained from the library My son s bedtime story pick He s obsessed with penguins and absolutely loved this book We will definitely have to look into getting our own copy

  6. another simple alphabet book

  7. Not much to this book, but good ABC s book, with beautiful, fun pictures of penguins Since my husband LOVES penguins, I am always drawn to get books with penguins in them to read to our kids.