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The Final Problem (Annotated) The Final Problem is a short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle 1865 1930 First published in 1893, it tells one of the most intriguing Sherlock Holmes adventures This edition also contains a choice of Conan Doyle s best aphorisms and an essay on the invention of Sherlock Holmes character written by Harold Emery Jones 1875 1909 in 1904. Free Download [ The Final Problem (Annotated) ] author [ Arthur Conan Doyle ] – groundhogwalking.co.uk

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  1. A collection of stories, plays and essays about Holmes that are not part of the Canon but certainly make nice supplementary reading An excellent addition to any Holmes library This book is similar to the out of print and often difficult to find Sherlock Holmes The Published Apocrypha by Jack Tracy Both books include the almost Sherlock Holmes stories and plays that don t fit in the Canon, but are certainly in the neighborhood The introduction discusses the pieces that make up the boo A collection of stories, plays and essays about Holmes that ar...

  2. This was a very strong story up to the last couple pages, when suddenly the end Not using an exclamation point, even, because it was so anticlimactic Intellectually and emotionally unsatisfying.

  3. The Adventure of the Final Problem The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 11 , Arthur Conan Doyle 1394 16 9789643076856

  4. Moriarty, that sniveling little bitch.

  5. Sheer brilliance, and what an ending Sherlock Holmes antagonist professor moriarty is brilliant a true rivalry between both men Characters like no others I have read before I find myself liking both men.This is how you write short stories, true excellence Highly recommended reading it.

  6. I thought I knew the basic premise of this story when I started it, but it turns out I knew the whole thing This incredibly slim volume is considered the final of only four novels in the Sherlock Holmes series There are many additional short stories Written from Watson s point of view we see an increasingly paranoid Sherlock taking extreme measures to escape his arch nemesis Dr Moriarty The pair, one an unconventional, brilliant detective, the...

  7. The most dissapointing Sherlock I ve ever read There was no detective work or plot whatsoeverIt seems like Arthur Conan Doyle literally just wrote it to view spoiler kill off Sherlock spoiler probably not even a spoiler hide spoiler

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  9. This is, without a doubt, the best Sherlock Holmes short story I have read so far I would have given it 5 stars if I had read the story before watching the BBC version but I m sorry to say that I haven t.Moriarty in the originalsMoriarty in the BBC seriesBesides the fact that the original Moriarty is not half as attractive as the modern one, he was overall quite disappointing He lacked character depth and that psychotic weirdness that was so evident and intrig...

  10. This story puts Sherlock Holmes abilities under serious scrutiny when he is confronted by the best criminal personality Professor James Moriarty in England, one that has attemptedthan once to slaughter Sherlock Holmes.