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Whispers in the Snow A gorgeous Christmas novella from enchanting saga author Jessica Blair. December 1964 Kate Slater has been brought up in London by an Aunt who she has always called Mum because she never knew her mother and father Two years after her Aunt dies, Kate receives a letter from a solicitor in Lincolnshire, telling her that if she contacts him in person she could learn something which might be to her advantage.Kate has never been north of London and does not relish heading to Lincolnshire especially as snow has been forecast She is inclined to ignore the letter, but something or someone ushers her to head there Kate learns from the solicitor that she has been left a property by an Aunt she never knew existed She is taken to inspect the cottage It is in bad repair, isolated, near an old wartime airfield Kate s immediate reaction is to sell it and return to London But then the whisperings of ghosts grow stronger and urge Kate to stay. This short story from saga author Jessica Blair is the perfect tonic for winter. New Read Kindle ePUB Whispers in the Snow author Jessica Blair –

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  1. Short storyI enjoyed this short story, once started could not put down It kept me intrigued even though you sort of new the outcome Would recommend to readers of Katie Flynn and such like.