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Options Trading 101 Discover Powerful and Profitable Option Trading Strategies That Can Limit Your Risk While Multiplying Your Profits in Today s Markets Options Trading 101 was written as a complete introductory guide for investors and traders who want to understand the world of options While it is labeled as an introductory book, it is anything but a general overview It starts by exploring the most fundamental concepts of options trading and ends with some basic strategies that traders will fully understand and be able to use immediately In a clear, concise way readers will be led through the most important topics that are necessary to master and advance with options trading Options Trading 101 makes use of many fun examples including Gordon Gekko s mistake in the hit movie Wall Street from not understanding put call parity. New Download eBook Options Trading 101 author Bill Johnson –

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  1. This book is what I was looking for It took you from the most basic concepts to the most advanced like Put Call Parity.Although, it takes awhile to grasp some concepts, It worth the read it.

  2. EXCELLENT book on options trading, going through the basic concepts in the first six or so chapters before even addressing the ways you d use it as an investment Very light on the math perhaps too light but a very good introduction before looking at tougher concepts.

  3. The book I wish I had read for first to understand financial options It is a bit technical but insightful and geta under the shell of the mechanics of these tools If a bit dry at times, at others is transparent in a way others have not managed.