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Sex Madness - The Complete Series An autobiographical account from Katie 1984, a young, successful lawyer, detailing her transition from shy teenager to adulthood, based upon her own sexual experiences growing up.As the only daughter of retired barrister and a solicitor, law was in her blood But she grew up knowing that her parents had never really wanted a childshe had been a mistake Brought up by a succession of nannies and mothers helps, her relationship with her parents was one of cold detachment, and life on their country estate resembled something from a bygone age, where Victorian values meant that any discussion about sex was completely out of the question.And so Katie was left to discover for herself the power of her sexuality and its effect upon those she was to meet However, her journey from childhood, through her teenage years into adulthood became than simply exploration of her sexuality Her sexual behaviour became and extreme as the years went by, driven on by some dark force, which could take her to the heights of sexual exhilaration and promiscuity, but would then drop her into the dark abyss of suicidal depression.Only in her mid twenties was she to discover that her uncontrollable sexual behaviour was a symptom of a severe mental illness.Now, for the first time, these experiences are presented here in e book format. Free Download Sex Madness - The Complete Series Author Katie 1984 For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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