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Francis the Scaredy Cat With bold, childlike illustrations, Ed Boxall tells a comforting tale about friendship and the discovery that love can make you brave, even if you re a scaredy cat.Francis has a secret, even from his best friend, Ben He s a scaredy cat Francis is afraid of the dark, but most of all he s afraid of the hissy, whispery monster he hears in the garden on stormy nights One dark night Ben is late getting home, and Francis worries that the monster has captured him Will Francis face his fears and head into the dark night to rescue his friend And who is that monster hissing in the tree Best Download Books Francis the Scaredy Cat by Ed Boxall –

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  1. Nice book for younger readers Familiar setup the need to face your fears to save a friend, and great for tackling fear of the dark

  2. I was seriously underwhelmed by this book The art was mediocre, and the story was lacking It seems to be a pretty popular checkout at the library, so the kids might like it, but I just thought it was ok I might be able to use this one for storytime because it s supe...

  3. In this book students learn that it is good to face their fears Everyone has a fear of some kind, but people react differnt to their fears Some face their fears, and some let it hender their whole lives I want my students to know that it is good to face their fears.

  4. Cute orange cat with real cat feelings I may be biased because I had a cat named Francis Violet approved.

  5. Read to Devine November 23, 2014

  6. Typical I like the naive art style though.

  7. AR 2.6 0.5Big print and some big words for 2.6 accelerated reader s level.