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Trial By Fire All Detective Lieutenant Grace O Shea wanted was to go homea home that she left years ago The only thing she wanted was love It was the one thing that she had been searching for since she left the Columbia area and Lexington County It was the reason that she was running home, finally, after ten yearslove Reagan Knightley knew all to well how things change and life moves on around you She didn t leave Lexington She adapted and became a successful business woman How was she to know that ten years later her high school crush would come walking into her bar and drink her sorrows away Could two polar opposites from high school come together, overcome their past, and live a future that neither of them were prepared for Can an unsolved crime bring them together and right a wrong long wishfully forgotten Only their Trial by Fire will tell Best Download Trial By Fire [ Author ] Jet MacLeod [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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  1. Good bookThis was a good story and i enjoyed the relationship between the women The ending was very abrupt though and i wish it was longer.