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White Devil (Vampire Empire, #1) There are no dark princes that will sweep you off your feet into an eternal world in this land, but their looks sure can drive the mortals mad Care to take a bite, dear Amethyst zi Britannia. Best Read White Devil (Vampire Empire, #1) Author Stella Purple For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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  1. DNFWhite devil had a creative storyline but really failed when it came to good writing The poor sentence construction and spelling errors really make it hard to read It was also choppy Jumping from one scene to the next without connecting them sufficiently In general the writing was very s...

  2. This book seemed to have an interesting concept, however, I did not find it to be executed very well There were a ton of spelling mistakes and the writing itself did not flow The characters were as confusing to follow as the story line.Note I read this book for free on

  3. Utter rubbish.It s really terrible and written so poorly.

  4. Could not finish it

  5. Probably the worst writing editing I ve ever seen Not worth buying

  6. Excellent read Not your average vampire story If you like badass smart powerful heroine, then this book is for you.

  7. I started reading, it didn t hook me I persevered, I wasn t liking it, so I stopped The writing style was arduous, plot didn t flow and possible just not what I thought it was going to be or was in the mood for I might try again in future, but unlikely now.