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Slaves in Algiers A small booklet with basic historical information etc. New Download [ Slaves in Algiers ] Author [ Susanna Rowson ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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  1. Update on 24th May 2015I decided to give two stars instead of the initial one, since after some thought, the work did grow a bit in me.The reason why I feel this play has some merit is not because it is merely pleasing to watch or read it is not particularly so , nor because it deals with the topics it takes up in ways I ...

  2. Read this for a paper I m writing on Early American women s drama Rowson is a really interesting figure, esp in terms of early feminism in America, and this is her best known dramatic work, but it s not really my cup of tea, and I can t imagine it s anyone s cup of tea since, like well, centuries It s history is...

  3. Our living history group put on the play at our Women s History Weekend in 2009.

  4. This is not something I will be likely to read ever again It is a play staged as a captivity narrative White women are held captive by a Moorish sultanblah, blah, blah.

  5. An old American play written by a woman about American captives on the Barbary coast Some solid feminist ideas, but full of racism Not a win.

  6. Ah The emotions