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New York Mosaic In all three of these novels voices move the stories each carefully constructed narrative is built by the layering of conversation, perception, and inner monologue onto lyrical descriptions of a vibrating New York City In Do I Wake or Sleep, the lives of two Americans a journalist and an alcoholic novelist and a beautiful European refugee intersect for just twenty four hours as a witty contrast of American and European culture unfolds In The Christmas Tree, the elderly Mrs Danforth is celebrating the holidays with her grandson, the boy s mother, and new step father, when her homosexual son, the boy s father, appears on the scene with his lover and the story draws to its tragic conclusion In Many Mansions, the voice is that of Margaret Sylvester, in her eighties, living alone in a New York hotel room She decides, after considerable deliberation, to reread an unpublished manuscript about her life and her poignant and sometimes tragic story is communicated with astonishing brevity and immediacy. Free Download New York Mosaic [ by ] Isabel Bolton [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Read New York Mosaic–
  • New York Mosaic
  • Isabel Bolton
  • 06 October 2018
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  1. The three novels collected here were published between 1946 and 1952 to no acclaim at all They sank into oblivion, recognized only by Diana Trilling, who compared the author to Henry James, and Edmund Wilson Decades later Gore Vidal reviewed them, and suggested Wilson s enthusiasm was at least in part stimulated by the gender of the author, whom he did not know was in her late sixties Either way, they...

  2. At 10 pages in, I already love this book, even though I barely understand what s going on Having read Bolton s memoir of childhood, Under Gemini, I m enthralled with this author s original voice, and I ll follow wherever she...

  3. The prose is exquisite, but as I made my way through the first novella I found the author made almost no effort to clarify which character she was referring to at any one time or even the relationships among the characters Lots of pronouns and you have to go back to find out precisely who she s talking about It s like reading Joyce with goggles I suggest you make a chart of characters as you read It helps I generally don t enjoy authors who create puzzles that seem to have no purp...

  4. Possibly three and a half, if I d read these some other time, or not all at once, or something, might even have been four As it is, I can see why these are praised, but didn t entirely warm up to them.

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