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True South Since it began four years ago in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the True South column has offered eye opening observations on the icons, traditions, and cultural ties that make the South the South This sparkling collection of True South essays, articles, and remembrances weaves a fascinating tapestry of America s most colorful region. Read True South Author Jim Auchmutey –

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  1. I started reading a copy of this in my travels in Georgia I couldn t finish so I luckily was able to find a used edition onThis really brought back some memories of living in Florida growing up where I was born and raised Made me want to go back and have some real southern cooking, minus the chitlins, of course The book is nicely told stories by those of the region something hales from I loved finding out the or...

  2. Brought back a number of memories of things I grew up with and loved Such a relief to finally read a book about the South that included so many different aspects instead of painting all of us with the rich daddy sorority sister Scarlett O Hara wannabe brush.Highly recommended