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Erotic Nights Date Night by Nicole AustinNew mother Savannah Black s life lacks only one thing sex Whenever the mood struck something always got in the way Well not any Savannah is taking matters into her own hands, removing all the obstacles and making a hot date with her hunky husband.Monsters Cum At Night by Eve LanglaisBeing a vampire sucks, especially when you can t find others of your kind That all changes one Halloween night when dark, delicious and kinky comes along to seduce me I never imagined a threesome with a human male and my new fanged lover would fulfill my hungers, both the bloody and erotic kind Lucky me, I m a fast learner.One of These Nights by Josee RenardBeing a half breed Other who turns blue when it rains isn t easy in the wet city of Vancouver And Mary Lou s already complicated life becomes even so when she runs into a kitsune half breed on the beach, a man who is, according to the rules of the half bred world, her mate They won t have a choice about being together if they spend than a few minutes together and if they touch It s the rest of the life Both Jake and Mary Lou realize the problems, but they can t resist and the few hours they force themselves to spend getting to know each other only make the combustion when they inevitably end up in each other s arms even hotter.The Night Shift by Sable GreySam is stuck somewhere between the living and the dead doing Halloween detail He s a monster under the bed All he has to do is jump out and scare Roxy before Halloween If he can do his job, he can go to heaven If he doesn t, he ll be stuck doing the night shift forever.Night Magic by Anna Leigh KeatonHalloween s never been anything special just another night to sit alone, watch scary movies, and eat a ton of chocolate.But tonight s different After wandering into a new little sex shop, and finding a toy like no other, Tammy is in for one big surprise come midnight Night of Rapture by Madison LayleLexi Volfe has been running scared ever since a night of celebration ended tragically Left orphaned and alone, she s returned to the place where it all began in search of answers only to discover a sexy shifter who s been seeking her as his mate all his life.A Rainy Night by Deanna Lee Free Download Erotic Nights [ by ] Nicole Austin [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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  1. Interesting enough Some feelpowerful than others and some are better written as well but ultimately it s a very sexy novel with a lot of romance and hot sweaty sex Very light and entertaining.