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Unexpected Taydelaan M nage Amour Erotic Sci Fi M nage a Trois Romance, M M F, with M M Declan loves Luke.Born on Earth, Declan spent most of his life believing he was human and gay Luke is Sesturian and happy to explain the mating practices of their people But learning they have another mate out there a woman who might one day come between them has always overshadowed Declan s happiness.Until they meet Keira.Keira thinks she s falling in love with a gay couple She knows it s silly but can t seem to pull back the emotional attachment to the two men Obviously it s her fevered imagination playing tricks on her She cannot possibly be developing a mental link with Luke s thoughts and emotions no matter how many times Luke explains his alien status But even if that were true, what about Declan What happens if he learns of the intimate mating link he doesn t share Read Unexpected Taydelaan By Rachel Clark –

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  1. Read all 3 books of the Taydelaan series in one sitting Do think they are about 1 overpriced onand 2 overpriced elsewhere Around 20K words with professional editing like these the editing is good should be priced at 2.99 in my opinion 2.99 is the min forfor a professionally edited book they pay authors 35% if un...

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