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असा मी असामी [Asa Mi Asami] Asa Mi Asami follows a first person narrative It is told from the viewpoint of Dhondo Bhikaji Joshi, a clerk who is working for a British firm The book begins in the pre independence period and continues till the post independence era This novel is not about politics or the freedom struggle, rather, it is about the everyday life of a middle class man.Dhondo s life revolves around his family and his job He is so removed from what is happening around him in the society that he is not even very aware of the freedom movement and the upheavals around him In fact he first learns of India s independence when his company is taken over by an Indian businessman He gets a promotion, but that involves a change in his place of residence, which he finds challenging.For a man who is used to living in a chawl, one bedroom dwellings in a multi storied building with several tenements, seems awkward He finds life in the new system difficult to get used to.He also finds the rapid changes in society hard to deal with He goes to see a modern play written by a friend, but spends most of his time outside, taking care of his children His wife gets her photo published in a paper in association with a function at a Ladies Council This is a strange concept to him, but he likes the way his wife looks in the photograph, wearing makeup and dressed fashionably.He is disappointed when his kids perform poorly at school, but then, when he goes through their books, he finds out that he cannot understand the topics covered in the new syllabus.The religion that he has practiced, which was known for its restraint, is now played out in an extravagant stage, as he finds out when he is taken to visit a baba, who is surrounded by the rich and famous.In this vein, the author highlights the fast changes taking place in post independence Mumbai, and the struggles of a simple man to keep pace with it Through all this runs a rich vein of humor, as the protagonist sees the irony and humor in each situation. New Download असा मी असामी [Asa Mi Asami] [ Author ] पु. ल. देशपांडे [P. L. Deshpande] [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] – groundhogwalking.co.uk

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  1. One of the best books in Marathi Literature Aah, the pleasure of reading books by P L Deshpande

  2. This is one of the best book i have ever read in Marathi The language and humor make you fall in love with Marathi all over again And the ending sentence was the best part It is meaningful if you read it directly as a sente...

  3. The first ever book I read of genre P.L Deshpande His style of writing was a genre in itself The finest ever humor author of Marathi language and I am thankful for having his books in my life.

  4. Was a very good book Though with Deshpande s comedy style of writing, he makes impact of morality of revolutionary transformations we have seen.

  5. This one I liked when I read it Pu La is the first Author I literally worshiped.

  6. awesome book

  7. Truly insightful,wonderfully funny and succintly emotional

  8. Voil I always think that story writing can be made with or without any natural gifts but, for Humor and Horror fiction, writer must have god gift natural talent Pu.la.Deshpande is one of them this is first time i read Pu La Deshpa...

  9. A typical midle class man s life is described vividly by P.L Deshpande Reading it will definitelyget the people to relate with themselves Would recommend it to anyone who has been or lived a middle class life inIndia especially Maharashtra.

  10. Asa mi asami is a story of a lower middle class man who doesn t want to make any impression on the world and just live the normal life, but has to move on with the life and change with the world nonetheless Good auto bio with lots of humour