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Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth Book 1) (English Edition)A terrible discovery A secret that could destroy human civilization A desperate escape to the most dangerous planet in the universe Earth Two hundred years ago, a fleet of colony ships left Earth and started a settlement on Proxima CentauriCenturion Space Force pilot Nathan Stacker didn t expect to return home to find his wife dead He didn t expect the murderer to look just like him, and he definitely didn t expect to be the one to take the blame.But his wife had control of a powerful secret A secret that stretches across the light years between two worlds and could lead to the end of both.Now that secret is in Nathan s hands, and he s about to make the most desperate evasive maneuver of his life stealing a starship and setting a course for Earth.He thinks he ll be safe there.He s wrong Very wrong.Earth is nothing like what he expected Not even close What he doesn t know is not only likely to kill him, it s eager to kill him, and even if it doesn t The Sheriff will. Télécharger Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth Book 1) (English Edition) –