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The Holy Qur'an in Today's English (English Edition)This is a translation of the entire Qur an in modern, free flowing English Background information is provided for the various passages and the reasons for revelation are also given whenever possible putting the Qur an in its proper historical context The chapters are also put in easy reading paragraph format with hyperlinks to footnotes and chapters.Yahiya Emerick is an American convert to Islam He has written over twenty five books on topics as diverse as children s literature, the Islamic religion and Rumi. Lire The Holy Qur'an in Today's English (English Edition) Auteur Yahiya Emerick –

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  1. This is an easy to read edition of the Quran I always wanted to read it but the previous editions have been oddly organized or hard to read Muslims don t believe you can translate the Quran The word of God was delivered to the Arabs in their language so its impossible to change God s words Most Muslims would refer to these books as interpretations.I am happy to have read the book As a Christian I realize how twisted my conception of it was ...

  2. I LOVE this translation it s so much easier to read than most others.I ve ordered both the Kindle version and the physical book and would honestly suggest the Kindle version It lets you read the paragraph form translation but doesn t take up half the page with commentary you just click on the comment number next to the end of the verse and it jumps to the commentary on a separate page You can also favorite passages and can easily navigate from the table of contents.The translation itself is so refreshing Br Emerick translates very broadly as the Quran should be and explains why he chose certain English meanings for words over other ones but supplies the others in the commentary for your own benefit He translates into something any Muslim born in the Western Hemisphere can read without feeling confused or bored...

  3. I am use to reading in Arabic and the translation of those Ayat in English So it is a bit different in reading everything in English.

  4. Many people cast judgment on races and colors of people I want to know about who they are, their religion, their customers I find this fascinating I read comments that this is not always the correct translation but,I am sure the Christian Bible is the same way it s fine for me.

  5. My experience reading the book and gifting it to friens has bought me tremendous joy and satisfactionThe Book has all answers I was looking for I would recommend this glorious book to be read and understood by everyone who has doubts about ISLAM..Great find