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Lire en ligne ✓ Interior Transformations Par ñ Ann Grafton ô –
  • Broché
  • Interior Transformations
  • Ann Grafton
  • Anglais
  • 24 September 2018
  • 0821227068

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  1. This interior design book has a much lighter palette of colors, than say, Colefax Fowler s Interior Inspirations dark woods, old english country style.While the images seem deceptively simple, the juxtaposition of colors, neutrals and contrasts of textures packs a punch There are lots of plaids, stripes, assorted ticking fabrics and some toile presented in this beautiful full color book my favorite is the photograph of a blue and white eiderdown made from a contemporary print fabric, but bordered in an antique floral remnant, p.94.For anyone familiar with Katrin Cargill s books on swedish style and fabric decorating Cargill s Fabrications book is the perfect companion to this volume the use of fabrics are almost identical Cargill s book is closer to a sewing sourcebook , Grafton and Cargill share the same design sensibilities that style is inherently english The book is also faintly reminiscent of the current Laura Ashley look Perfect if you re looking to deco...

  2. This is my favorite coffee table interior design book I like to give it a flip through when I need some ideas, or just want to look at some lovely interiors It is not really a how to book there are no DIY projects includ...