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Naked Fashion Girls: Truly Beautiful & SexyzA snap shot is the truest form of photography oe Mike Dowson s photography is simply a case of capturing the moment He distances himself from any kind of staging and stylisation This has given him a style again perhaps unintended the style of laissez faire His photographs of pretty girls appear fresh, unconsumed, spontaneous, tasteful and very erotic Dowson s models must always convey the feeling of availability, the petty bourgeois may call them tarts However, these girls are no such thing, they are just young, being themselves and showing their lust for life Mike Dowson thinks that women who display their sexual presence openly are much erotic than those who come over as aloof and distant His photography is the same simply open and thus erotic. New Download Books Naked Fashion Girls: Truly Beautiful & Sexy Author Mike Dowson –

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  1. Having been a fan of Mike Dowson s work for some time, I was excited to see that he d published a collection This book does not disappoint If you are fan of his work you will be pleased If you are a fan of ...

  2. As an artist this is exactly what I am looking for beautiful nude models in various model poses No crotch shots or overtly sexual poses, just beautiful women in the nude I recommend this to lovers of the female body and artists alike.

  3. This booklet has no art value Would not put it in my library Also, it is small in size Photography books should be large

  4. Photos are great, but hard to enjoy with the book being smaller that my hand This is a joke Just get the pdf version and look at it on you tablet, as least it will be bigger.

  5. Perfect, thank you