This website describes long, linear walks, usually of eight miles or more, mostly along well waymarked long-distance footpaths. It’s compiled by journalist Maggie Hartford, and includes articles from The Oxford Times as well as blogs about walks done with a group of friends known as The Groundhogs.

Groundhogs in Marvao, Portugal

The Groundhogs go on holiday together each year. Each day, they do a long walk, have a good evening meal and a wonderful night’s sleep. The next day they do exactly the same. Each day they walk uphill in the morning, and downhill in the evening. That’s why they’re called The Groundhogs.

The pages about the GR51 long-distance path in the South of France, the balcony route of the Cote d’Azur, have been written by my husband George, who also supplies the photographs.

For our walks around Oxford, we use www.traveline.org.uk to work out how to get to the start-point. You enter your postcode and the time you want to leave, and Traveline tells you which bus or train to catch. It also provides a map so that you can see how near the bus stop is to the start of your walk.

For the Cotswolds, there is now an all-inclusive ticket which pays for trains and buses. See www.cotswoldsaonb.org.uk